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Residential Mooring Price

These prices change dependant on availability, currently we do not have any available moorings except for the vessels for sale in the brokerage section.

Liesure Mooring Price

Price is calculated by the meter: £52.50 per meter, per month Currently we have no Liesure mooring available.

Overnight Visitors Mooring

Widebeam / Narrowboat: £25 per night (inc VAT) Cruiser under 6m: £20 per night (inc VAT)

Slipway & Hard Standing

Haul-out vessel onto slip.

£25 per meter (inc VAT)

Slipway Storage

£60 per day (inc VAT) Note: this is only charged if the boat stays on the slipway overnight.

Re-launch vessel

£25 per meter (inc VAT)

Pressure wash up to 4m

£7.50 per meter (inc VAT)

Pressure wash up to 6.5m

£8.50 per meter (inc VAT)

Pressure wash over 6.5m

£10 per meter (inc VAT)

Storage Ashore (up to 10m)

£8 per meter, per week (inc VAT)

Refit and Repair work

How do we price?

We usually price jobs on an hourly rate of £59 per person per hour + Materials Every job is different, so please get in touch with us using the contact for or on For Fibreglass or Gelcoat repairs, please see SM Composites

Contractor Pass

What is a Contractor Pass?

A Contractor Pass allows individual contractors to do work on boats in our boatyard. We do not allow contactors on site without first signing in at the office ensuring the fee is paid for them to work at our yard.

Daily Contractor pass

£40 per day (inc VAT)

Yearly Contractor Pas

£560 per year (inc VAT)

Towing / Boat movements

Within Harts Boatyard

Under Vessels own Power: £70 per movement (inc VAT) Towed By Launch: £90 per movement (inc VAT)

Outside Harts Boatyard (up to 1 mile)

Under Vessels own Power: £110 per movement (inc VAT) Towed By Launch: £160 per movement (inc VAT)

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